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The joint venture between three leading technology firms with more
than three decades of combined experience providing solutions within
the Federal eTravel marketplace

Recipient of the 2010 GSA Travel Excellence Award for innovation and cost savings for the system known as Travel Explorer (TraX).

The eTravel Data Cloud Team provides full-service development, engineering, and operations, for the Department of Defense Commercial Travel Information Management data mart and data warehouse. One of the major sources of data for the CTIM system is a full data export of the Defense Travel System completed on a regularly scheduled interval.

Additionally, the eTravel Data Cloud Team has built and supports the DoD Travel Policy Compliance Tool. This tool uses the CTIM data warehouse as the source for auditing done to ensure compliance with the Joint Federal Travel Regulations. To date, the system has generated approximately one million dollars of value in the form of re-claimed amounts relating to fraudulent behavior or recording errors in the last six months.

One of our lead architects (Andrew Merriman), served as the Technical Director on GovTrip until 2013. As one of the most experienced professionals in this field, Mr. Merriman has a deep understanding of eTravel data structures and an acute sense of Federal Agency needs.

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