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Web-Based Interface

All of your data is accessed and managed from an intuitive web 2.0 based interface. You don't need another system that only a select few who endured days of training can use. We worked hard making sure you don't.

Data Translation and Import Tool

All three ETS 1 vendors provide data in different formats, which is why eTravel Data Cloud makes use of the latest data translation and import technologies that can handle XML, fixed position, or delimited data files.

Summary Reports

We understand that one of the agencies requirements for storing ETS 1 data is to be able to easily respond to FOIA and Auditor requests. eTravel Data Cloud provides reporting capability for Authorizations, Local Travel, Vouchers, TDY Locations, Itineraries, and more.

Document Search

eTravel Data Cloud has four options to search for a traveler's document. A user can search by traveler unique id, such as employee ID or SSN or by the traveler's last and first name. Additionally, a user can search for a Travel Authorization Number or document name.

Receipts & Attachments Viewer

One of the critical needs of agencies is to be able to view attachments associated with archived travel documents, particularly receipts. eTravel Data Cloud includes the ability to view all associated attachments in a printable pdf.

FedRAMP Amazon GovCloud or Agency Hosted

Flexible deployment and integration options within the FedRAMP certified cloud or on existing agency frameworks. Our solution is tailored to provide expedient implementation while meeting the most exacting agency requirements.

Print GSA 87 and GSA 1012 Forms

eTravel Data Cloud provides a sleek and comprehensive standard print form for each travel document. We also understand the need for a structured standardized and printable form for Authorizations and Vouchers, which is why we provide the ability to print with the GSA 87 form for Authorizations and the GSA 1012 form for Vouchers.

Technical Benefits

  • eTravel Data Cloud cloud based solution alleviates expensive operational and maintenance costs of an agency hosted solution
  • Leverage existing FedRAMP hosting providers, our solution lowers cost of security controls and accreditation while ensuring the highest highest assurance of data safety
  • Solutions provisioned within the eTravel Data Cloud chosen FedRAMP cloud environment provide a low cost of entry to each agency. This coupled with almost unlimited, immediately available, scaling capacity, ensure solutions provided will not fall victim to the siloed architecture that plagued healthcare.gov performance outages
  • Lower cost solution than existing solutions, annual renewal ensures fund as needed

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